November 14, 2011

Purex Complete with Zout Review

I have been a member of the Purex Insiders for only a awhile now.  It's a site to where you can receive full sized samples to test out and review on your blog.  Let me know if you would like an invite to the site.  I was lucky enough to receive the Purex complete with Zout to review.

I was outside when the magical Fedex truck arrived and to my surprise, I had a package a few months ago.  This is what I got:

So I got excited and opened it up to see what I had received. 

Needless to say, I was excited.  It came just in time for laundry day.  

 About this Product: 

The scent they sent me was the Fresh Morning Burst Fragrance.  They also have a Free and Clear available also if you prefer a hypoallergenic version.

This product is a laundry detergent and stain remover combined into one.  So you'll be saving money even without the use of coupons, since you'll be buying 1 product instead of 2.   You can use it as a normal laundry detergent or just as a pre-treater which makes it great for everyday use.   To use as a detergent, use as you normally would.  To use it as a pre-treater, pour it on the stain directly, rub, and wait for 5 minutes before putting it in the washer.

Purex Complete with Zout includes 3 different stain fighting enzymes to help rid of those nasty stains.  The 3 different enzymes are as follows:

  • Protease: Works against protein stains such as grass and blood.
  • Amylase: Works against starchy stains such as chocolate and tomato sauce
  • Mannanase: Works against Guar, which is used as a thickener in many foods, such as ice cream, BBQ sauce, and salad dressing.  That's because they're super sticky!  

 Now a big thing I thought was pretty cool was that you can use this in ANY washing machine.  Yes, that includes the new High Efficiency (HE) versions.  Which brings me to the price.  Usually the HE versions of detergent costs more than a "normal" washing machine detergent costs.  This list price for Purex Complete with Zout will range from: $3.49-$7.99 depending on size and retailer.

My Review: 

I have tried it on 2 different kinds of stains from my everyday household.

The first load was baby clothes.  I have a 2 year old and boy does she make a mess.  I pre-treated the stains on her clothes and then washed them.  Now I did noticed that some of the stains were barely there, but I don't know if it was because I missed part of the stain or what.  But I did notice that the whites were a little brighter and they smelled wonderful.  Overall I would give it an A- on baby stains.

Second load was my husband's work clothes.  My husband works around food all day, everyday for his job.  So he gets stains galore on his clothes.  Thank goodness he wears black pants, but besides the point.  I pre-treated the stains on his shirts and this go around I made sure I had every inch of the stains covered.  After they dried, I inspected them and noticed it did a better job this time.  And once again, they clothes smelled really fresh.  So it makes me feel good about his work clothes knowing he's going to work in great smelling clothes.  So on this load I would give it an A on work load stains.

Try it For Yourself:

Now that I have told you my opinion on this product, why not try it for yourself!  You can get a free sample to try here:

Leave a comment letting me know what you think!

All opinions are my own and I was not paid to put this review on here.  Yes, Purex supplied the product to me.  But that was all Purex did.  This is not a sponsored post.

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