My name is Tara and I am the creator of Clipping for Life.  This blog is about living frugally and to indulge in what I am in love with.  I am a Stay-at-Home Mom of one beautiful daughter and wife to the most amazing man ever that puts up with my craziness.

More than likely you'll be reading and following this blog because you are interested in couponing and saving money throughout your household.  I've been in the couponing game for almost 2 years now and thoroughly enjoy it.  Shopping is my sport of choice.  If you ever see me in a store, you know I'm trying my best to get the best deals possible.

When I'm not couponing or blogging, you'll catch me knitting or having fun with my daughter.  I love trying new things in the kitchen and trying to save money all around our household.  I'm always taking old "junk" and making into new items for my household and family.  Believe me when I say I try to save money everywhere I can!

I'm glad you happened upon my blog and I hope you enjoy every part of it.  Be prepared to laugh, smile, or get excited over a deal.  Make sure you subscribe via email, or Google Friend Connect so not a deal is missed!  If you have any questions or comments email me at: ClippingForLife@yahoo.com